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Planet Zoo – Animal Welfare

Planet Zoo - Animal Welfare

The chief concern of your zoo:


Click on your animal and you’ll see several important info in the tabs:


  • Overview (provides an overview of the animal and its welfare)


  • Terrain (shows its terrain, climbable area, water, and hard shelter needs in the white area. For example, an Indian Peafowl will want no more than about 30% of its exhibit to be rock but less than that is okay too.)


  • Environment (shows what percentage of the exhibit the animals want to be plants and the coverage. It also shows the ideal continent for plants to come from and it’s ideal biomes. Lastly, it shows the plants in the habitat and any plants in red are conflicting plants that will negatively impact welfare.)


  • Enrichment (shows enrichment welfare and how much each enrichment object contributes to welfare. Placing a million balls for the animals will not improve enrichment. At the very most, it’ll help a little bit but all you really need is one of each object.)


  • Studbook (shows the source of the animal and its timeline)


  • Social (shows the social welfare of the animal-like how many adults it needs in the exhibit to be happy and its current mate.


  • Genetics (shows size, longevity, fertility, immunity, appeal, physical stats, and lifetime stats.)


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