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Planet Zoo – Animal Health Guide

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There are two ways an animal can become unwell:



Infection and Physical Injury

Causes of Infection include:


  • Contagion from other sick animals in the same habitat

– This can be solved by making sure you put your animals in quarantine instead of immediately in their exhibit.



  • Dirty habitats caused by dung, rotting food, corpses, guest food, and dirty water

– So make sure your guests don’t litter, and your keepers clean the exhibit



  • Feeding from the ground

– Solved by Food troughs and “Do not Feed” Signs


Injuries are caused by fights between species or by predators.




Animals with light injuries and infections may be able to recuperate without intervening, but this is dependent on welfare and other factors. Keepers who detect an issue will call vets who deal with the issue. You should note that vets are better at detecting infections than keepers. The vets will take the animal to surgery and attempt to treat it. The duration of this depends on the vet’s training level, the animals’ immunity, and the severity of the illness. This also applies to physical injuries.


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