Planet Zoo – Animal & Exhibit Trading

Animal & Exhibit Trading

Animal Trading

These are your typical terrestrial animals: Giant Panda, Aardvark, Saltwater Crocodile. They require a habitat with barriers, food, enrichment, and terrain preferences. The Animal Market shows animals being sold and from my understanding is entirely random except in Sandbox where it displays every animal. It shows their price in dollars or in those green leaves called Conservation Credits and you get those for releasing animals to the wild. (or in offline mode, you have to improve the zoo’s reputation). When you select an animal, it shows how long that animal is up for gender, name, adoption, size, longevity, fertility, immunity, star rating, and source (like where you’re buying the animal). When you adopt an animal, it goes to your Animal Storage and stays in your Animal Trade Centre until you move it and a Vet or Keeper will move it. Other tabs in this menu include your purchase history and rewards where you can access any animals you are rewarded.



Exhibit Trading

These are the animals that reside in what the game calls an Exhibit. These are located in the Facilities tab and in the Small Animal Exhibits sub-group. The Exhibit Animal Market is similar to the Animal Market except it only shows the animal’s name, star rating, gender, longevity, fertility, and source. These animals don’t need anything in respect to space beside the Exhibit. When you click the Small Animal Exhibit, you can access the animal’s welfare and provide enrichment in the layout tab where (if you have researched it) you can provide rocks and such for the animal. In the climate tab, you can adjust temperature and humidity and it shows the recommended temperature and humidity. In the windows tab, you can open and close all four windows and even create 2 and 3D facades for the animal. The other tabs are Logs (shows upkeep costs) and Mantainence (shows work zone, and time since the last visit).


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