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Controls for Planet Zoo

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Keyboard Shortcuts

A list of controls can be found in game in the Gameplay Settings under the Control Tab.


General Controls

Select – Left Mouse Button

Cancel – ESC

Pan Camera – Mouse Movement

Zoom Camera – Scroll Wheel

Rotate Camera – Middle Mouse Button

Zoom in or zoom out – Scroll Wheel or Page In, Page Out

Undo – Ctrl + Z

Redo – Ctrl + Y

Raise Camera – E

lower Camera – Q

Help – F1 (Displays a small selection of Planet Zoo’s basic controls.)

Menu – ESC (Pulls up the options menu where you can save or load your game, adjust in-game settings, and exit back to the main menu.)

Toggle Pause – P

Duplicate selected object – Ctrl + D

Hide HUD – G (F12 for Steam)

Delete Selected Object – Delete

Change Simulation Speed – O

Rotate  90-degrees – Z

Toggle Advanced Move/Rotate – X


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