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Planet Zoo – Research Guide

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Research is critical and that’s why it’s getting its own information.


What is Research?

If you are in Sandbox Mode then you probably don’t have to worry about this. Research is the most critical column to creating a good zoo. There are two types of research:



Veterinary Research

– For every vet you have is every research you can do. Vets can research a specific animal or a specific medical thing like a virus, bacteria, or condition.


– Researching an animal will provide new enrichment, nutrition, and more.


– Researching a medical topic thing will provide better diagnosis, treatment, and pharmacology (it’ll help when your animals get sick)



Mechanic Research

– For every mechanic you have is every research you can do. Mechanics can research a specific theme or a specific construction thing like habitats, barriers, or food shops.


– Researching things like habitats, barriers or food shops will yield blueprints, extra objects, and more.


– Researching themes will yield scenery and blueprints to that respective theme.


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