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NBA 2K21 – How to Dunk Guide

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NBA 2K21 offers numerous types of dunks, each requiring distinct controller inputs. Your best chance of executing a dunk in NBA 2K21 is to use a player with high dunking stats. Another effective strategy to accomplish a dunk in NBA 2K21 is to drive towards the basket.


Once you’ve secured these two factors, you can then employ these controls to perform various types of dunks in NBA 2K21.



2-Hand Dunk

Press RT (Xbox), R2 (PlayStation) + Hold Up on Right Stick while driving to the hoop.



Flashy Dunk

Press RT (Xbox), R2 (PlayStation) + Hold Down on Right Stick.



Dunk with Different Hands

Press RT (Xbox), R2 (PlayStation) + Hold Right Stick Left or Right to switch between dominant and off hands.


Several factors contribute to a successful dunk attempt in NBA 2K21. These include player stamina, the player’s dunking attributes, and whether the player has a clear path to the basket.


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