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NBA 2K21 – How to Dunk Guide

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How to Dunk

There are numerous types of dunks in NBA 2K21 and each of them require different inputs on the controller. Your best chance to get a dunk in NBA 2K21 is to have a player with a high stats for the move. Your second-best chance to get a dunk in NBA 2K21 is to be driving towards the basket.


If you’ve got these two things, you can then use these controls to do different types of dunks in NBA 2K21.



2-Hand Dunk

Press RT (Xbox), R2 (PlayStation) + Hold Up on Right Stick while driving to hoop.



Flashy Dunk

Press RT (Xbox), R2 (PlayStation) + Hold Down on Right Stick



Dunk with Different Hands

Press RT (Xbox), R2 (PlayStation) + Hold Right Stick Left or Right to switch between dominant and off hands.


A lot of things come into play when trying to dunk in NBA 2K21. You have player stamina to deal with, as well as whether a player has the given attributes to do a dunk and whether the player has a path to the basket as well.


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