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NBA 2K21 – How to Steal the Ball

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How to Steal the Ball

To make a steal attempt, all you have to do is press the Square button (or X if you’re on Xbox One) to try to knock it out of your opponent’s hands.


There are a few factors that come into play when attempting to steal the ball. First of all, your steal stat needs to be higher to increase your chances of actually succeeding at grabbing the ball away. This can be done with VC as always, which can be bought via microtransactions or earned naturally as you continue to play more games.


Second, it’s worth noting that your chances of successfully stealing will also increase if you hit the button at the right time. For instance, you’ll want to watch your opponent’s actions carefully, and only attempt to steal the ball when they’re not touching it, i.e. when it’s in the middle of a dribble.


If you steal too early or late, you could risk getting a personal foul, which will only make things worse for your team overall, so be careful with how you want to intercept the ball.


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