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Little Big Workshop – Break Rooms

Little Big Workshop - Break Rooms

Break rooms are used to replenish energy for your workers. If you don’t have a break room, your workers will simply go at it until they are completely exhausted and collapse on the floor. This sort of thing is not very good for workforce morale, not to mention the safety concerns!


You can see how efficient a break room is by turning on the Room Effect Lens next to the options menu on the top right. The same information is also displayed whenever you browse or try to place a new break room item or furniture.


– Your break room capacity is measured in Cups™. You can have up to 10 Cups™ per room, so buying a ridiculous amount of coffee machines might not actually help much.


– Each time a worker takes a break, they will exhaust one Cup™ and slowly recover all of their energy.


– Cups™ are recharged / “reset” over time. You can increase this rate by placing items from the lower break room shop category.


– If there are no Cups™ available, then your workers will soon start collapsing on the factory floor.


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