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Little Big Workshop – Mood and Comfort

Little Big Workshop - Mood and Comfort

Working in the production industry can be quite demanding for the senses, and it’s important to keep your workers comfortable and happy. An unmotivated worker that is forced to work in a “bad” environment will lose energy much quicker, leading to more frequent breaks and lowered efficiency for your factory.


Almost all furniture and workstations contribute to the overall comfort or “mood” in your factory. Machines and workstations lower the comfort by creating noise, weird smells, and disturbance. To counter this, you can place decorations and relaxation items that beautify the work area and improve the overall mood of your workers. All positive and negative effects are accumulated on a room-to-room basis.


Note that the size of each room may also affect the overall mood and comfort. Workers generally don’t feel comfortable working in very large and too open spaces. A few dividing walls here and there usually does the trick, and it can make your factories feel a lot more “homely”!


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