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ArcheAge: Unchained – How to Find a Good Spot for a House

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How to Find a Good Spot for a House

After Landrush it’s usually hard to find an empty spot big enough to squeeze a house design in it. You can sometimes find one for your 8×8 scarecrow design, but a house will need more land space, the smallest being 16×16.


To place a house you will also need a certain amount of tax certificates in your inventory. You can see the amount needed in your design. You can make tax certificates at your own scarecrow farm, or anyone’s farm or house.


What you need to do is to travel around the areas where you are allowed to place houses. You can see them on the mini-map as a small house symbol. You should start searching for a free spot in the least contested areas of the game. Areas which have lesser trade profit and are not suitable to grow the best crops. If you’re lucky you will find a free spot there to place your property.


What you can also do is search for houses or occupied land that is just about to be demolished. If the player owning the property does not pay his taxes it will enter a demolition phase and at a certain time of day will be demolished. At the moment the property is demolished you can place yours there. However, many other players will be doing the same thing so there likely to be competition.


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