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Journey To The Savage Planet – Where to Find The First Alien Alloy

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Where to Find The First Alien Alloy

You can find alien alloys while investigating planet. The first such alloy is in the cave to the right of the place where you first saw the inscription with the name of the game. From this place, turn right and go along a small ledge, past the flowers that throw bombs. Find the entrance to the cave. Examine the cave to find a locked alien chest. To open it, you will need to find and scan three characters (circle, square, and triangle). They are located near the chest.


To get to them, you have to use the seeds. You can find these seeds in special bags that are hung in the cave. Just throw the seed in the right place and jump on it. When all three characters are scanned, the chest will open and you can pick up the Alien alloy.



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