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How to Repair Your Ships in SpaceBourne 2


If you’re playing Spacebourne 2 like I am, you’ve probably run into a little bit of an issue. When you’re out in space dogfighting other fighter ships & pirates, you’re going to take some damage. Unfortunately, it’s not a hundred percent clear how to repair the damage that was done to your ship.


Well, after plenty of trial and error as well as some restless nights, I have devised the answer, and I’m here to bring it to you! So if your ship is limping along on its last, shattered engine, read on to find out how to get it back into tip-top shape!


If your craft is broken and sparking, instead of wandering the cosmos looking for a place to repair, just go ahead and dock it at any docking location. If you sit in the cockpit for a bit, you’ll notice that some helpful-looking drones will begin to float around it. As they observe your ship, they’ll spot the damages and begin to repair them automatically, with no direction needed!


These little guys have always been there every time you’ve docked your ship, even if you never noticed them before. I know I never did until I took the time to really pay attention. As their lasers patch up your spacecraft, you can either kick back and watch them complete their work, or navigate through menus to prepare for your next excursion.


And that’s it!! That’s all you need to know about repairing your ship in Spacebourne 2. If your little drone buddies feel like they’re taking too long, you can also save while docked, exit the game, and load back in and it’ll be done!


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