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How to Perform a Low Driven Shot FIFA 22

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How to Perform a Low-Driven Shot FIFA 22

In FIFA 22, the low driven shot is a very effective way to finish, especially when you’re inside the box, because it’s more difficult for the goalkeeper to get down and stop the shot when it’s so low and struck so hard. Press L1 and R1 while pressing Circle on the PlayStation or LB and RB while pressing B on the Xbox to perform a low shot. These shots, as the name implies, keep the ball low to the ground but powerful. They reduce the risk of the ball flying too high, but they are more difficult to save for a goalkeeper.


When performed in good areas, the low-driven shot can be a very useful tool for overcoming your opponents and making you a more consistent finisher, especially from inside the box. If you can get into the right areas inside the box, this technique could give you an advantage against tough opponents and close games, allowing you to be clinical with your chances.


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