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FIFA 22 – How to Perform the Heel to Heel

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Heel to heel is one of the most potent skill moves in FIFA 22 and previous editions. While you’re in the penalty area, especially when making a diagonal run through the box, the heel-to-heel flick is the ideal option. This skill move will create a lot of space around your player, making getting a shot on goal easier. To perform a heel-to-heel flick in FIFA 22, your player must have at least three stars. If they haven’t, no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to pull off the move. It’s a simple skill move. All you have to do is push once forward, once back, so you know zero degrees, and then 180 degrees to where the player is facing, and the player will perform this skill move.


  • Flick the right analog stick in the direction your player is running and then back in the opposite direction to execute this. It’s a fantastic technique to get past the opposing team’s defense quickly, but make sure the opposing player isn’t already too close to your player when doing so, or the ball may be intercepted.


This skill move is fantastic for gaining a speed boost past the defender to make a shot or start an attacking play. That is all you need to know to Do the Heel to Heel Exit in FIFA 22.


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