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How to Perform a Counter Kill in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

Ezio in AC: Brotherhood

Ezio, Ready for Action: Before anything else, make sure our favorite Italian assassin, Ezio, is facing down the bad guy you want to take out.


Taking a Stance: Get Ezio battle-ready by holding down the High Profile Button. On Xbox, you’re looking at the RT button, and for PlayStation, it’s the R1 button.


STRIKE: Once you’ve got Ezio in the zone, you’ll want to tap the Weapon Hand Button – that’s the X button for Xbox or Square if you’re team PlayStation.


Wait for It …: Now, this is where the real challenge begins. You’ve got to press the Left Stick toward the enemy just as they’re about to throw their punch. This is your Counter Kill.


Alright, but what’s the deal with the weapons? Good question!


If you’re packing a sword or a dagger, you’ve got a decent amount of wiggle room to get your Counter Kill in. Perfect for teaching those low-rank, cap-wearing, armor-lacking guards a lesson.


Are you up against some tougher foes? Whip out your Hidden Blade. This bad boy is lethal against pretty much everyone, but it’s a trickier beast to handle. The timing window for a Hidden Blade Counter Kill is way narrower. So, be ready to tap that attack button the moment your enemy’s attack is about to hit.


At first, mastering this, especially with the Hidden Blade, might seem challenging. But with some practice, you’ll find the Counter Kill a potent move in Ezio’s combat skill set. Happy gaming! Here’s hoping all your Counter Kills are perfectly timed!


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