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How to do a Fantasy Draft in NBA 2K22

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How to do a Fantasy Draft in NBA 2K22

Follow these steps to do a Fantasy Draft;


  • To begin, navigate to MyLeague and create a new league. Then you can pick whether to use current teams or a combination of current and past teams. After you’ve chosen your roster, you’ll want to start the season in the regular season since you won’t be able to do the draft if you start in the offseason.


  • You will have the opportunity to change the setup options once you select this. You need to go to the setup menu and select Fantasy Draft from the drop-down menu. You’re going to turn it on.


  • After that, you and your friends will choose the teams with whom you wish to play. After all of the desired teams have been chosen, the actual draft can start. You’ve just finished drafting your fantasy team and are ready to put it to the test against your friends.


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