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NBA 2K22: Rebounding Tips and Tricks

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NBA 2K22: Rebounding Tips and Tricks

Rebounding is not seen as glamorous, and it may not be appreciated as much as it should be by most fans. Still, it has a direct correlation to winning basketball games. Controlling the boards finishes defensive possessions and creates second-chance points on the offensive end. In NBA 2K22, rebounding is even more crucial than before. Getting a rebound may assist you not only get across the court but can also provide you another chance to score on offense. So, in NBA 2K22, how do you get a rebound? This guide will help you understand the basics of rebounding in NBA 2K22.


  • Don’t watch the ball. Ignore the flight of the ball and immediately focus on getting inside position so you can box out. Ball watchers get very few rebounds.


  • Keep in mind that you must be accurate with your timing while trying a rebound. The animation will begin before the ball reaches your player if you start a rebound attempt too soon. If this happens, the player you’re controlling could lose track of the ball. Also, double-check that you’re at the right spot. Keep a watchful eye on the basketball and, if required, use the left stick to help your player go closer to the rim.


  • To get a rebound, you must be in the paint and close to the hoop. Rebounds from outside the paint are possible on occasion, although they are exceedingly unusual. When the ball has struck the backboard or hoop and is in the air, press the Y (Xbox)/Triangle (PlayStation) button to start the rebound animation. By pressing Y/Square, you can try to rebound on either the defensive or offensive side of the court.


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  • Keep moving. Never stand flat-footed or straight up and down. If you are in a stance and moving, you’ll be able to get into a rebounding position quickly when the shot goes up. As an offensive rebounder being active means that your defender doesn’t always know where you are or from what angle you may be crashing the boards.


  • If one of your teammates successfully penetrates using a dribble drive, follow behind them on their way to the hoop. In all likelihood, your teammate will attract the attention of multiple defenders, causing them to collapse on him. This will leave you open to grab an easy rebound if he shoots and misses, or maybe even put you in a position to make a layup.


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