Heaven Dust - All Codes & Passwords - MGW

Heaven Dust – All Codes & Passwords

Heaven Dust - All Codes & Passwords

1. Code from the safe in the boss’s room: 153 (gun).


2. Safe code in the secret room: 810 (half of the blue tile) – if you were covered with bars in the corridor with the “Lost Entries,” then do not despair; the way out is simple – you need to put the gun in inventory.


3. Clock code: 645.


4. Computer password in the virus laboratory: SEM.


5. Safe code on the wall: 796 (optical sight).


6. Password in the security room: ALF.


7. Locker code in the pantry: 087 (Pigeon whistle) – here, we solve the puzzle with pressure tiles: the top row 1-3-4, the bottom row 2-4 (or 6-8 if you count all the tiles).


8. Light torches at the round pool at 9:15 (only the top and right).


9. Plant conditioning system: First remote control code: 328 (yellow plant), second remote control code: 299 (red plant), third remote control code: 314 (blue plant).


10. Masks: Fiery = Madness, Feathers = Death, Fishtail = Life, Leaves = Blood. (There are three pieces of masks from the leaves – for passing, you only need the Leaf mask) True, if you collect all the masks and put them in your inventory, you will achieve.


11. If you come close to the fire raging in the corner of the meeting room and when a cloud with an exclamation mark appears, you need to aim and shoot at the fire extinguisher on the wall. Voila la – the flame is extinguished.


12. Password for the door of the director’s office: 432


Heaven Dust 2 – All Codes & Passwords Guide


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