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Heaven Dust 2 – All Codes & Passwords Guide

Heaven Dust 2 - All Codes & Passwords Guide

All Codes & Passwords

Hey everyone. Here is a list of all the codes and passwords of Heaven’s Dust 2. I know all of you are excited about the new discoverable items, so here you go. Good luck getting there; it won’t be easy!


  • Cryo Chamber code at the start of the game are inscribed on Steve’s back – 518


  • After the area with the three little statues, there will be a fountain and a door with a combination lock near the fountain. Ideally, you should find a circular plate, slide it into the fountain, and record the number of bursts, but since that’s not possible, here is the code – 645


  • Second Fountain Gate Code – 326


  • New research institution building’s puzzle solution:


-The sheet goes top left


-Feather goes top right


-Fishtail goes bottom left


-Fire goes bottom right


  • Combination lockbox beside the pool table on the second floor – 8617


  • Overlook Code: 2182


  • Wood cabin wall box code. The code from the box near the cemetery watchman’s residence – 0147


  • Second Pool table. Code from the box in the billiard room of the research institute’s old building – 5186


  • Swimming Pool Door Code – 1991


  • Code is on the board to the left. You can find it after the spotlight puzzle. 2013 – the code for the lock on the 2nd-floor corridor. 2617 – a code from a different lock


  • 2891 – a code from a chest containing a vital quest item. You can find the chest in the room, which is guarded by two angel statues that prevent you from crossing over.


Leave a comment if you found this helpful, and feel free to share how you felt when you discovered the coveted secrets at long last. Happy gaming!


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