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Fishing: North Atlantic PC Keyboard Controls Guide

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PC Keybindings & Shortcuts

The default control scheme for Fishing: North Atlantic for PC is:




Increase Throttle / Forward W LS Y
Decrease Throttle / Backward S
Right  D LS X
Left A
Starboard Thruster C LT Axis
Port Thruster Z
Look Up Mouse Y RS Y
Look Down
Look Right Mouse X RS X
Look Left
Zoom Out Mouse Wheel Axis LB
Zoom In RB
Open Map M Back
Stop Engine X Left Stick
Toggle Searchlight N
Toggle Running Lights L
Trawl Doors Up Up
Trawl Doors Down Down
Trawl Doors Right Right
Trawl Doors Left Left
Switch to First Person V Y
Exit Driver Seat / Alt. Interact
Toggle Binoculars Right Mouse Button X
Pause Menu Escape
Toggle HUD Left Mouse Button RB
UI Navigation Up Up
UI Navigation Down Down
UI Navigation Left Left
UI Navigation Right Right
Scammer Moveforward W LS Up
Scammer Moveright D LS Down


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