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ArcheAge: Unchained – Fishing Quests Guide

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Fishing Quests

There is a series of fishing quests you can do in Archeage, which reward you with some useful items for fishing and (supposedly) an increase in fishing proficiency. You can start these quests in Cinderstone Moor by talking to Fisherman Santiago at the pier in Seachild Wharf and in Villanelle by talking to Fisherman Riko.



Some Useful Tips on These Quests

  • You can buy the fish Fisherman Santiago/Riko wants you to catch if they are available in the auction house.


  • Rainbow Trout can only be caught in Arid terrain, which means that if you are playing for the west, you need to go to Haranya (e.g., Windscour Savanna) to catch it.



List of Known Items From the Fishing Quests

  • 50 bait worm


  • Treaded Wellingtons (+500 to fishing proficiency when worn)


  • Lure (for sport fishing)


  • Title: Discriminating Taste (+1000 Fishing Proficiency)


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