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Arthurian Legends PC Keyboard Controls Guide

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Below, we’ve listed the default controls used in Arthurian Legends. Whether you’re on the main menu or in-game, you can change your control options.



Key Bindings & Hotkeys

Character Esc Fist / Hunters Axe 1
Inventory Tab Spiked Club 2
Use/Activate E Throwing Axe 3
HUD Size Bastard Sword 4
Quick Save Ins Crossbow 5
Quick Load PgUp Bombs 6
Toggle Crosshair I Holy Hand Grenade 7
Movement Throwing Knife 8
Move Forward W Jesters Wand 9
Move Backward S Wooden Sword 0
Strafe Left A Potion Of Healing F1
Strafe Right D Potion Of Strength F2
Crouch LCtrl Antidote F3
Jump Space Bear Trap F4
Run Shift Caltrops F5
Auto-Run Caps Lock Rune Of Fireball F6
Weapons/Items Rune Of Freezing F7
Use Weapon Left Click Rune Of Quake F8
Use/Offhand Right Click Rune Of Smite F9
Next Weapon Wheel Up Rune Of Lightning F10
Previous Weapon Wheel Down Rune Of Magic Missile F11
Change Offhand Q /’ Rune Of Healing F12
Next Item X Rune Of Summoning
Previous Item Z Rune Of Apocalypse
Use Item F Cheat Menu Back


To change your keyboard mapping, please follow the steps below:


  • Head to the main menu and select the Options tab.


  • Enter the Controls sub-menu.


  • Select Customize Controls.


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