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Fights in Tight Spaces – Special Attacks

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Special Attacks

There are many cards in the game, but here are some of the most common special attacks you can use:




Some cards grant block, giving you temporary extra HP for one turn only. Any damage you take will first be deducted from your block, preventing you from losing HP.


Block does not prevent anything other than damage (unless the effect specifically says otherwise). You can still be pushed by an attack even if you block all of the damage.


Some enemies ignore block and deal damage directly to HP.




Some cards will grant you a counterattack. This is a special form of attack that you will execute whenever you are attached before the end of this turn.


Most counter-attacks are range 1, some are range 2. If an enemy attack from further away you will not counter.


You counter after the enemy attack is resolved. If they push you out of range you will not counter. If you are dead you will not counter.


You counter an attack, not taking damage, you can block the entire amount and will still be permitted to counter.


You counter each time the enemy acts. This means that if they act twice (for example with a reaction attack and then their main attack) you will counter them twice. However, if they act once with multiple attacks (for example the chef enemies triple cleaver attack) you will only counter once.


You will counter every attack. If four enemies attack you, then you can get four counterattacks out of one card.


You can have multiple counterattacks. If you play two counter cards, then every time someone hits you, you will hit them back twice.




Some of your cards allow you to move an enemy, causing them to change position or facing.


This is different from pushing them because it cannot be used to inflict collision damage or to eject them from the arena.




If you hit an enemy with a push move they will be moved one space directly away from you.


If they hit a wall or obstacle they take 4HP of damage.


If they hit another enemy both enemies take 4HP of damage.


If they are pushed off the map they are instantly killed.


The tutorial states that death squares will be marked by a skull, do not believe its lies! There are many maps on the game that allows a character to be pushed off the map at unmarked points and will instantly kill them if they are. As a rule of thumb there is a barrier is below waist height at the edge of the map, being pushed into it is fatal.




Most attacks are Range 1: This means that they can only be used to attack an enemy standing right next to you.


Some attacks have a higher maximum range. For example, an attack with range 1-2 can hit an enemy up to 2 spaces away. Be aware that range is counted in straight lines, if an opponent is diagonally adjacent to you, you won’t be able to hit them with a range 2 card just because it’d take 2 spaces of movement to get to them.


Some attacks have a higher minimum range. If an attack has a range of 2-2 this means that it can hit an enemy 2 spaces away, but cannot be used against an enemy right next to you.


In any event be aware that enemies block line of sight, even if they can not be targeted by the attack. High obstacles will also block line of sight. Low obstacles will block melee, but not ranged attacks.




If you hit an enemy with a move that inflicts stun they will be stunned for a number of rounds listed on the card.


A stunned enemy will sit around in a daze and take no actions.


This includes passive actions, such as having special abilities that grant the enemy block at the start of each turn.




If you hit an enemy with a move that inflicts throw they’ll fall onto the floor.


An enemy on the floor cannot be targeted by further attacks (unless they specifically target downed opponents) and no longer block movement or line of sight.


They are no longer considered present for most purposes, so you cannot reposition them or take advantage of them to move diagonally using a slip.


In this turn, they will not attack.


Next turn they will use their movement to stand up, but will be stunned for the turn and will also not attack.


If they try to stand up but cannot because someone is standing on top of them, the person standing on top of them loses 5HP.


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