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Controls for ULTRAKILL

Controls for ULTRAKILL

This article lists the default controls used for ULTRAKILL on the PC.



All PC Settings



Default Controls

PC Keyboard

W A S D – walking/running around


Space Bar – Jumping


Space Bar while pressing up against the wall – Wall Jump (Can only be used 3 times before wall sliding)


Left Shift – Dash (uses 1 stamina bar, grants invincibility)


Left Ctrl in air – Slam (uses 2 stamina bars, launches enemies)


Left Ctrl on the ground – Sliding (lowers profile, grants no invincibility)


Dash Jump – press buttons Left Shift and Spacebar one after the other quickly to propel yourself forward surprisingly fast (grants invincibility, uses 2 stamina bars)


Slam Jump – while in the air, press Left Ctrl to slam all the way down to the ground. When you touch the ground, press Spacebar, and you will be able to jump higher than usual (can be stacked, does not require any stamina bars)


Slam Slide – While in the air, press Left Ctrl to slam all the way down to the ground. The second you touch the ground, instead of jumping, immediately press Left Ctrl to slide quickly.


Take note that you do not keep your speed, and will slow down to regular sliding speed (can be jumped out of to perform a Short Slide Jump or a Long Slide Jump 


Short Slide Jump – While sliding, press Spacebar to jump out of the slide. If done repeatedly, the slide will increase its speed and can be used for a consistent fast way to travel.


Use Dash Jump to propel yourself forward, and then use Short Slide Jump to keep the quick momentum


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