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Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 – The Fastest and Easiest Way to Make Money

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The Fastest and Easiest Way to Make Money

There are two methods for making quick cash. The first is to acquire money by playing the game strategically. The second involves the use of cheat codes. You can choose one of these two methods.



1-) Making Easy Money with Playing the Game Strategically

  • To earn the most money, you must review each order and determine the value of the parts the customer needs. Level 10 and below jobs are usually gear, brakes and timing related. Level 10 and above may encounter difficulties with the transmission, body panels, exhaust, interior, and other internal engine components.


In the following sections, I will describe the tasks that are appropriate for your level.


Levels 1-5: Those who say “Brake systems need repair” are ideal for beginners. These jobs can damage the ABS Module or ABS Pump, both of which are expensive components. (Note: Not every “brake system needs repair” requires an ABS module or an ABS pump to be installed.) Some working gear repairs can save you money, depending on the extent and depth of the damage.


Levels 5-10: The best jobs for this level are the same as for levels 1-5, although the timing tasks aren’t as profitable. If the ignition coils need to be replaced, “car won’t start” jobs can bring in some quick cash.


Levels 10 and beyond: Any job on a scale of 1 to 10 is currently considered outdated. The best jobs are dealing with transmission issues. “Driver struggling to find gears,” says the finest gearbox work. Because you’ll have to replace the complete transmission casing, which costs approximately $1000, this is a certain method to save a lot of money. Other gearbox issues are almost always present throughout this repair.


  • There will be some bonuses for specific jobs, such as a money bonus or an experience bonus. These bonuses will give you a great boost in EXP and money, so take them first!


  • Another way to get even MORE money is by taking bigger jobs that require lots of different things. For example, a job that requires timing, gearbox, exhaust, and new body panels. These jobs produce a higher task.


  • Making money from your restorations! Making money from your car is going to require lots of time and initial investment.


What to do first:


1.) Buy a car from an auction, from a barn, or a junkyard.


2.) Take apart the whole vehicle, leaving only the frame.


3.) Try to fix any broken parts you can.


4.) Build the car from the ground up, replacing parts as needed.


5.) Double-check that every item is in working condition so you can earn a big restoration bonus!


6.) Only sell a car that is in working condition.


7.) Congratulations, you’ve made a considerable profit!



2-) Making Money with Cheat Codes

When starting the profile, choose any of the following names, depending on how much money and experience you want to start with.


Warning: When you first start the game, you must decline to play the tutorial. If you don’t, the game may crash.


  • cms2021promo – This code will get you to level 36 and will also give you a $500.000 cash bonus in the game.


  • cms2021stage1 – This code will get you to level 5 and will also give you a $4000 cash bonus in the game.


  • cms2021stage2 – This code will get you to level 12 and will also give you a $50000 cash bonus in the game.


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