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WoW Classic – Why is my auto shot sometimes delayed by up to half a second?

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Why is my auto shot sometimes delayed by up to half a second?

When moving while the auto shot is toggled, if you are still moving or the game thinks you are still moving the moment you stop to shoot and the game registers that it is ready to shoot before it registers you stopped moving, you will start a 500 ms timer.


This timer is consistent and avoidable. There are 2 ways to avoid it 100% of the time.


1. Stop slightly sooner than the bar completes. The “stop” input to the server from your client is based on your ping, so if you have 200 ping you need to stop 200 ms before the bar finishes, or you will experience a delay in your next shot.


2. Toggling Auto shot off prevents the game from attempting to shoot when it really can’t, so you would not experience this delay.


If you’re worried, try it out yourself stopping just slightly sooner than you normally do, and I guarantee it will feel a lot better with no delays.



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