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Watch Dogs Legion Xbox One Controls Guide

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Xbox One Controls

The controls layout for Watch Dogs Legion on the Xbox One are as follows:



Xbox One Controller LAYOUT

  • LT – Aim


  • RT – Fire while Aiming and Hold to Sprint.


  • LB – Hack


  • RB – Use Special Ability


  • D-pad Up – Change Weapon


  • D-pad Down – Holster Weapon


  • Right Joystick – Press to use Ping to find nearby electronic devices or scan the area


  • View Button – Access Map, Missions or Team


  • Y – Interact


  • B – Crouch


  • A – Parkour


  • X – Punch



How can I change my in-game controls?

1. Access the Watch_Dogs in-game pause menu or main menu of the game


Select Control Scheme from the pause menu or main menu


2. Select Control Scheme


3. Choose which preset control scheme you prefer to use


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