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Watch Dogs: Legion Cheats

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Tips & Tricks

  • Before you engage with enemies in an area, you should use drones to scan the unfamiliar territory and use the devices to plan out a more strategic ambush or attack. You can also hack drones to use them to your advantage.


  • You can also hack a lot of things from enemy drones to cars on the road to clear out the way for you. Hacking also allows you to manipulate police cars to make them lose your tail.


  • Engage in the various activities or hack devices that reward you with ETO. You can hack ATMs, slot machines, or play some mini-games to earn ETO as a reward.


  • Enemies can be shocked and stunned by using the Shock Hack. This allows you to sneak behind for a takedown attack.


  • Look for fast travel points on the map, which will allow you to travel to any location nearby.


  • Some missions require you to have a Spiderbot. While you can use your own, there is usually one nearby that you can use for a certain task in the mission.


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