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Wanted: Dead PC Controls (Mouse and Keyboard)

Wanted: Dead PC Controls (Mouse and Keyboard)

Remember the early 2000s? Man, what a great time. We all had our PS2s & Xboxes, and games were just… different. There was the occasional blockbuster smash-hit but the majority of the games being released at the time were weird, experimental games that did not have huge budgets and crazy features. They were creative, short and most importantly, FUN. Those times are long behind us now, and it seems like every other game that comes out is a 50+ hour, multi-million dollar mega-hit that you absolutely need to play. It is exhausting, and who can keep up with that?


Thankfully, the developers at Soleil seem to miss the old days, and they did their best to bring them back with their newest game, Wanted: Dead. Shoot, slash, and dash through enemies, leaving showers of blood and body parts in your wake. This is early 2000s gaming condensed into a 5-hour action game, and it is awesome.


One of the great things about Wanted: Dead is how the game becomes more complex and involved as you progress. By the halfway point of the game, you will have all kinds of new abilities and combos at your disposal which can be kind of difficult to keep track of. But, as always, we have your back! Use this Wanted: Dead PC controls guide for controller as well as keyboard and mouse to keep on top of things and stay in control. If you keep it open while you play, you’ll also be able to reference it quickly, even if you are in the middle of a fight!.



Mouse and Keyboard Controls


  • Melee Attack: Middle Mouse Button or F


  • Aim: Right Mouse Button


  • Fire Main Weapon: Left Mouse Button


  • Handgun: E


  • Reload: R


  • Grenade: G


  • Guard: Left Shift


  • Bullet Time: V


  • Switch Weapon: 2


  • Weapon Mode Switch: B


  • Stimpack: Q


  • Finishing Strike: C




  • Move-Front: W


  • Move Back: S


  • Move Left: A


  • Move Right: D


  • Sprint: Left Ctrl


  • Dodge: Space




  • Interact: Left Alt or Right Alt


  • Menu: TAB



Controller Bindings (Xbox)

  • Movement: Left Stick


  •  Sprint: L3


  • Camera: Right Stick


  • Interact: R3


  • Bullet Time: L3 + R3


  • Finishing Strike: Y + B


  • Weapon Mode Switch: D-Pad Up


  • Switch Weapon: D-Pad Left & Right


  • Stimpack: D-Pad Down


  • Melee Attack: X


  • Handgun: Y


  • Dodge/Sprint Slide: A


  • Reload: B


  • Aim: LT


  • Guard: LB


  • Fire Weapon: RT


  • Grenade: RB


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