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Morels: The Hunt – All Treasure Locations Guide

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All Treasure Locations

Type – DescriptionSite – Directions

Treasure – Antlers – Texas Ranch – wrecked cars west of the river


Treasure – Ball and Chain – Georgia Woods – rocky path in the north center, west to the cave, NE corner


Treasure – Bracelet – Northern Lake – underwater, the south center of lobed lake, slightly west


Treasure – Chalice – Rocky Mountains – south rocks at the southeast corner


Treasure – Clay Pot – Cabin in the Woods – old pickup bed


Treasure – Coin – Indiana Country – tractor barn


Treasure – Gargoyle – Georgia Woods – NE rock tunnel to the swamp, southeast corner then 1/3 north along the wall


Treasure – Old Bowl – Cabin in the Woods – under water far east


Treasure – Old Helmet – Redwood Forest – NE of the camp near the river, north of small falls (east bank at the large tree)


Treasure – Old Shield – Redwood Forest – north of tent, 1/2 way to north edge, large uprooted tree


Treasure – Old Sword – Redwood Forest – in a stone SE corner, 1/4 from east


Treasure – Pearl Necklace – Northern Lake – underwater wreck


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