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MLB The Show 21 Controls (PS5 & Xbox Series X)

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PS5 & Xbox Series X Controls

We’ve got ALL the MLB The Show 21 controls that you need to know on the PS5 and Xbox Series X.


The following list shows you exactly what the key bindings on an Xbox Series X & PS5 controller look like.


Action PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X
Hitting Controls – Zone Interface
Aim the Plate Coverage Indicator (PCI) L L
Press Early and Hold for Sacrifice Bunt Y
Press Late for Drag-Bunt Y
Power Swing X
Contact Swing B
Normal Swing X A
Batting – Bunt Influence Pre-pitch
Cancel Current Influence R Up R Up
Influence a Drag Bunt R Left R Left
Influence a Push Bunt R Right R Right
Batting Misc
Activate Batter’s Eye Cam R3 R3
Control the Camera R R
Guess Pitch Type R2 + X, ◯, ▢, △ RT + A, B, X, Y
Guess Location R2 + L RT + L
Quick Menu (Excluding Player Lock) D-Pad Up D-Pad Up
Pitcher Attributes / Player Quirks D-Pad Left D-Pad Left
Pitching and Batting Breakdown D-Pad Right D-Pad Right
Call Timeout (Before Windup) D-Pad Down D-Pad Down
Pitching Controls – Meter Interface
Pitch Type 3 Y
Pitch Type 4 X
Pitch Type 2 B
Pitch Type 1 X A
Pitch Type 5 R1 RB
Pitch Out L1 + X LB + A
Intentional Walk L1 + ◯ LB + B
Pitching Misc
Position Ball in the Zone L L
Pitch ball X A
Request Catcher’s Pitch Call R2 RT
Look at Runner L2 LT
Deceptive Move (Hold) L2 + ◯, ▢, △ LT + B, X, Y
Slide Step with Runners on Base L2 + X LT + A
Pickoff to 1st L2 + ◯ LT + B
Pickoff to 2nd L2 + △ LT + Y
Pickoff to 3rd L2 + ▢ LT + X
Step Off Mound (from Windup/Stretch) L1 LB
Throwing Controls – Button & Button Accuracy Interfaces
Move Player L L
Jump/Dive R R
Throw to 2nd Y
Throw to 3rd X
Throw to 1st B
Throw Home X A
Jump R1 RB
Dive R2 RT
Throw to Cutoff L1 LB
Switch to closet player (Without Ball) L2 LT
Default Baserunning
Point towards the location to target a Runner L L
Advance / Return Individual L + ◯, ▢, △ L + B, X, Y
Return All Runners R1 RB
Return Individual Runner R1 + L RB + L
Stop Runner R2 RT
Lead Off // Advance All L1 LB
Lead Off Individual Runner L + L1 L + LB
Steal all Runners L2 LT
Hold and Release to Steal Early L2 LT
Steal Individual Runner L + L2 L + LT
Sliding – Slides at Home
Straight in Feet First R Down R Down
Straight in Head First R Up R Up
Wide Right Feet First R Bottom Right R Bottom Right
Wide Right Head First R Top Right R Top Right
Sliding – Slides at Bases
Straight in Feet First R Down R Down
Straight in Head First R Up R Up
Hook to the Left R Left R Left
Hook to the Right R Right R Right
Break up a Double Play at 2nd R Down R Down


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