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Hunt: Showdown – Ultimate Tips for New Players in 2022

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If the monotony of Call of Duty: Warzone and Fortnite is getting you down, you’ve probably taken a look at Hunt: Showdown. This PVPVE online multiplayer FPS breaks the mold of its genre mates by including a supernatural element in the unlikely setting of the Old West circa the late 19th century. As a bounty hunter, you’ll be hunting down other player-controlled bounty hunters, but you’ll also be contending with all manner of nightmarish creature that inhabits the Luisiana Bayou as the result of a supernatural event.


Hunt: Showdown was originally released in 2019, so if you’re just getting into it in 2022, you’re a couple of years behind. Thankfully, I have a few tips to get new players started in this Hunt: Showdown Beginner’s Guide. If you’re looking to be the best bounty hunter there is, then grab your six-shooter and let’s get started.



  1. Make Use Of The Training Mode

Hunt: Showdown is a pretty mechanically dense game. There are many moving parts in addition to your FPS skills, so I would recommend spending some time in the Training Mode before you jump into full matches. In addition to showing you the ropes, you will earn Blood Bonds, the game’s premium currency, for every training you complete. It’s a good extra incentive, and it will help you be able to buy premium hunters faster to boot. Once you’ve completed the trainings, you should take a look at the Trials Mode as well. It will further sharpen your skills by asking you to complete specific objectives under certain conditions, and will grant you Trail-exclusive items upon completion.



  1. Hone Your PVP Skills In Quick Play

The premier mode of Hunt: Showdown, Bounty Hunt, is pretty unforgiving. Especially if you’re new to the game, it can seem completely unfair. If you jump in and manage to win, that’s great! You get to keep your hunter and all of the gear you picked up during the match. But, if you lose, your hunter and all of the gear you accumulated is permanently lost, and you’ll need to start from the beginning. That’s pretty rough, so I recommend playing Quick Play for a while before you start Bounty Hunt mode. In Quick Play, you play as a random hunter with a limited selection of starting equipment. Your goal is to take out the other 11 hunters and be the last man standing. Your hunter is randomized every match, but any gear you take in the Quick Play matches is yours to keep, and you can use it in Bounty Hunt mode too!


Hunt: Showdown - Ultimate Tips for New Players in 2022



  1. Listen Closely

Like other multiplayer FPS games, Hunt: Showdown puts an emphasis on its sounds design, letting you hear other players’ footsteps as they approach you. Unlike those other games though, Hunt doesn’t have a minimap or any way of pinpointing an enemy location visually. What it does have, are “audio traps”, which trigger when a player passes by them, allowing you to know exactly where they are if you’re listening closely. You should be careful though, you can also be pinpointed the same way, so you should keep an eye out for audio traps. Things like broken glass, groups of birds, hanging chimes, and even animals will make noise if you interact with them, which will give away your position.



  1. A Dangerous Environment

While you’re avoiding other players and audio traps, you should be careful about environmental hazards as well. Things like explosive barrels, bear traps, and lanterns can all do damage to yourself and other players. Over time you will begin to learn their placements on the map, making them easier to avoid. You can also use them to your advantage if you get into a gunfight and happen to know there’s a helpful hazard nearby.



  1. Light ‘Em Up

Once you’ve made it to the big leagues of the Bounty Hunt mode, you will begin to play in groups of two or three hunters. This can be better in terms of firepower and having the ability to strategize, but it can also be a boon in the most helpful way: revives. If you fall and your teammate gets to you in time, they will be able to resurrect you and get you back in the game. However, the same applies to the opposing team, which is where my final tip comes in. After you’ve dropped an enemy hunter and looted them for all of their gear, you can ensure that they won’t be revived by setting their corpse on fire. This can be done with a molotov cocktail or a lantern found on the map. Leaving them to possibly be revived could mean that they will seek revenge on you, so it’s best to eliminate the possibility.


Hunt: Showdown - Ultimate Tips for New Players in 2022




I hope these tips help you get started on your path to mastering and enjoying Hunt: Showdown. It is a difficult, complex game, but so rewarding once you know all of its intricacies. Good luck, hunter!


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