Hokko Life – List of Villagers

List of Villagers

  • Oma – runs the local inn located in town. You can sleep at the inn when you first get to town and have no place to sleep.


  • Moss – owns the local shop in town where you can buy and sell items. He also has a computer where you can upload your creations, or download other player-created items.


  • Derris – is located on the beach to the east and they will be the villager you will want to see to get a fishing rod, learn about fishing, learn about bait and they hold fishing competitions on the 15th of every month.


  • Sally – Sally owns the workshop where you buy all your blueprints and do all of your crafts.


  • Rosa – Rosa is the town realtor where you can buy new houses for your villagers, or buy exterior walls and roofs so you can upgrade your houses.


  • Laurus -Laurus owns the fashion shop in town where you can change your character’s appearance or buy clothing.

Benny – Pip – Owyn – Mei – Ren – Niko – Sherf – Hector – Tola – Poa – Oleander – Lilly – Ruby – Kiko – Yoyo – Nami – Cookie – Quill – Zea – Timothy – Swift – Patches – Finley – Danzo


This is a list of villagers who will help you progress when you do their missions.

  • Sherf/Hector – If have either of them in your town, they will help you unlock the bomb blueprint.


  • FIore – This is part of the questline that will help you unlock the art easel that is in Sallys’ shop. Doing Kiko’s quests can unlock this if you have Fiore moved into your town.


  • Zea/Timothy – When you do missions for these 2 you will unlock the fishing bait.


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