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Hokko Life – Controller Keys – Gamepad Controls

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Controller Keys – Gamepad Controls

  • Left stick clicked in while crafting will put you in free build mode while building. This will stop items from snapping in your build and let you pull them freely. Push it again, and it will go back to snap mode.


  • Left stick clicked in a while outside of crafting will shut the UI off to get clean screenshots.


  • Right on the direction pad will let you pull up a list of emotes.


  • Down on the direction pad will pull up the last tool you used or take whatever is in your handoff.


  • Up on the D-Pad will bring up your toolbar.


  • The right top button is a quick wave emote.


  • Press X to rotate objects 90 degrees when placing them.


  • Press and HOLD X, and you can freely rotate objects to however you like.


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