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Hokko Life – How to Get & Add Fish Bait

Hokko Life - How To Get & Add Fish Bait

How To Get Bait

  • Zea/Timothy will give you bait recipes after you do a few quests for them. You’ll have to buy the recipe from Sally and craft a bucket of bait. You will need to do 5 fishing quests for Derris every 15th of every month to get Timothy. (NOT The competition, the little quest he gives you before each competition where he asks you to catch him 5 fish in a 5-minute time limit).



How To Add Bait

  • How to add bait? If you have bait in your bag, make sure your fishing rod is in your hand; then click the bait, and it will ask you to add bait to your fishing rod. Remember, if you cast the rod and pull it back before you’ve hooked a fish, you will lose your bait.



The 3 Bodies Of Water

  • There are 3 bodies of water you can fish in: the river, the sea, and the pond. The river is located north of the inn where the villagers live. The sea is located to the East/right from where the villagers live. The pond is north/up through the wood archway, on the west /left side of the waterfall. Each fish has specific criteria to be caught. Some need a specific time of day, some need specific weather, and some need a specific season.


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