Final Upgrade – Hull Materials

Hull Materials

Higher tier materials resist damage better, but each material tier 1 and up has a weakness (which is parenthesized in the list). Weapons in which material is weak against treat that material as being one tier lower.


Tier 2 and tier 3 materials obsolete all materials of lower tiers.



  • Tier 0







  • Special

Glass (Glass is Tier 0.3 against lasers but is tier 0 against all other damage.)



  • Tier 0.5




  • Tier 1

Cupronickel (weak to Railgun)


Iron Copper (weak to Missile)


Iron-Nickel (weak to Laser)



  • Tier 2

Copper Gold (weak to Railgun)


Ferrotitan (weak to Missile)


Nickel Gold (weak to Laser)



  • Tier 3

Titanium Gold (weak to Railgun)


Titanium Copper (weak to Missile)


Nitinol (weak to Laser)


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