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FIFA 22 – How to Increase Stamina in Career Mode

FIFA 22 - How to Increase Stamina in Career Mode

Stamina is a vital aspect in FIFA 22, as it directly affects a player’s performance and their ability to keep up their fitness during a match. In this guide, we’ll delve into the significance of stamina in FIFA 22 and provide tips for boosting it in Career Mode.


Every player in FIFA 22 has a distinct stamina stat, which represents the rate at which their fitness declines throughout a match. Players boasting high stamina experience less fatigue and can sustain their performance levels for extended periods, whereas those with low stamina wear out more rapidly.



How to Enhance Stamina in Career Mode

A player’s stamina during a match affects physical attributes like acceleration, agility, jumping, strength, reactions, and marking. Possessing low stamina may heighten the likelihood of injury.


To boost a player’s stamina in FIFA 22 Career Mode, follow these steps:


  • Complete Objectives: Achieve the objectives found in the accomplishments tab to bolster your player’s stamina. These objectives typically involve in-game feats like scoring a specific number of goals or making a certain amount of assists.


  • Training Drills: Employ training drill cards with a focus on stamina improvement. Applying these drills to your player can help increase their stamina over time.


  • Regular Gameplay: Make sure your players take part in matches regularly. The more they play, the better their stamina will become.



Managing Stamina during Matches

To optimize your players’ stamina and performance during matches, consider these strategies:


  • Squad Rotation: Regularly rotate your players to ensure they get enough rest and avoid excessive fatigue.


  • Substitutions: Make well-timed substitutions during matches to swap out tired players for fresh ones, keeping your team’s energy levels high throughout the game.


  • Game Plan: Modify your team’s tactics and game plan to manage stamina more effectively. For instance, you can set your team to adopt a more conservative playstyle to preserve energy when you’re holding a sizable lead.


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