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FIFA 22 Career Mode – How to Get Sharpness Up

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How to Get Sharpness Up in FIFA 22 Career Mode

Sharpness is probably the most crucial stat in FIFA 22 Career Mode for player development; therefore, you’ll want to boost it on specific players as soon as possible. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to help you out.


  • First, choose a player or players you wish to sharpen and add them to a drill. The drill can be done manually or simulated. However, it is best to manually since your highest score will become the default result in future simulations.


  • When you are already leading by a significant margin, substitute players with low match sharpness; this is the most effective approach to improve a player’s match sharpness because it rises quickly (up to 10 points) after only 15 minutes of playtime in a league or cup game.


  • Training sessions are another method to increase a player’s Sharpness. However, keep in mind that more training will exhaust your selected player and reduce their fitness level. It is up to you to establish a balance between Sharpness and Fitness, both of which are necessary for success. You can switch between rest and training for the day by clicking on individual days on the calendar in the Weekly Schedule menu. This allows you to squeeze a few days of continuous training into a short period, make sure to focus on the complete team rather than just the starting eleven.


  • It is also critical to keep good match sharpness to win games when simulating or playing them. When you play with a squad that is not at peak match sharpness (between 70 and 100 percent), the AI makes more positioning mistakes, and the players seem sluggish on the ball. This creates a lot of open spaces in defense, resulting in more goals conceded.


That is all you need to know to Get Sharpness Up in FIFA 22. If you think we missed something significant, please let us know in the comments section. We’ve also included some more game-related guides below. Please have a look;


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