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FIFA 22 – How to Do the Rabona Fake

FIFA 22 - How to Do the Rabona Fake

Rabona fake is a simple technique that can be extremely useful when done right. Only players with four-star skill moves and the flair trait can use Rabona Fake.


Only a small number of top-tier players have this combination. PSG’s Neymar, Liverpool’s Firmino, Hazard, Dybala, and Sane are among the players with both 4-star skills and the flair trait.


  • To do the Rabona fake, just hold L2 (PlayStation) / LT (Xbox) and perform a fake shot while pushing the left analog stick in the opposite direction your player is currently facing. Also, make sure to get the ball to the player’s weak foot. The Rabona shot is the best choice if a player has a clear goal, but the goalkeeper is rushing him.


That is all you need to do the Rabona fake in FIFA 22. Please let us know in the comments section if you think we missed something significant.


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