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FIFA 22 – How to Take Throw-ins and Do Fake Dummy Throws

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Here’s how to execute a fake or dummy throw-in:


  • Choose your targets: Decide which player you want to actually throw the ball to, and which one you want to fake a throw to. It’s helpful to consider players’ typical positions on the field. For example, defenders taking throws are likely to move back toward the defensive line, while strikers and wingers will likely sprint forward. Midfielders may either move forward or backward to their usual central positions. Keep this in mind as you plan your strategy to draw your opponent out of position and create some space.


  • Perform the dummy throw: The controls for a dummy throw are the same as for a fake shot. On PlayStation, press Square or Circle followed by X. On Xbox, press X or B followed by A. As you press the second button (X/A), make sure to point the left stick (LS) toward the player you want to throw the ball to.


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