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FIFA 22 – How to Take Throw-ins and Do Fake Dummy Throws

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How to take throw-ins and do fake dummy throws

Here’s how to perform the fake or dummy throw-in:


  • Decide which player you’d like to throw to, and which to fake to – our advice is to bear in mind players’ standard positions – defenders taking throws will look to move back towards the back four, strikers and wingers will burst forward, whilst midfielders will move forward or back, towards their central starting position. Think about that as you decide how you’re going to pull the opponent out of position and make yourself some space.


  • Now simply perform the dummy throw– The controls for this are the same as the fake shot: Square or Circle then X on PlayStation, or X or B then A on Xbox. When you press the second button (X / A) be sure to point LS towards your desired target to throw it to them.


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