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FIFA 22 – How to Fake Pass

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How to Fake Pass

A fake pass is a great way to fool opposing players. Fake Pass in FIFA 22 is performed in the same way as Fake Shot. This time, press X and A on Xbox or Square and X on PlayStation in quick succession. By faking a pass or shot, you’ll confuse your opponents and give yourself time and space to work your magic.


Here is further information on how to perform various types of fake passes;


  • Fake Pass (while standing): Hold R2 (RT) + Square or Circle (X or B) then X to make a fake pass (while standing) (A). The most important thing to remember is that the fake pass buttons must be quickly pressed for this to function.


  • Fake Pass Exit Left (while standing): Hold R2 (RT) + Square or Circle then X (A) + LS top-left to exit left (while standing).


  • Fake Pass Exit Right (while standing): Hold R2 (RT) + Square or Circle then X (A) + LS top-right to exit right (while standing).


That is all you need to do a fake pass in FIFA 22. Do you have any suggestions to improve this guide? Please leave a comment below.



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