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Endless World – Advanced Strategies & Tactics Guide

Endless World - Advanced Strategies & Tactics Guide


  • The mercenaries in the first and third slots are the ones in the frontlines when you enter the arena.


  • Each artifact’s awaken ability has very different effects. Use different artifacts for different bosses.


  • If you switch artifacts while using awaken it can cancel it.


  • When your main character’s hp is low, turn off auto and use awaken to get the most out of the lifesteal from it, as you will not waste time using skills which do not lifesteal.


  • In general Gaea’s Shield (3rd artifact) is the best artifact.


  • The awaken from Devastating Hammer (4th artifact) immediately heals your entire team by 20% of their maximum health.


  • Against a large amount of spawned monsters, get the typhoon tide buff from an obelisk and use the first artifact, ‘Sword of Annihilation’ for a large amount of AoE damage.



Rewinds & Time Energy :

  • Upgrade lunar power as soon as you can, as there is no benefit from waiting.


  • The amount of time energy you get while offline is 80% of the amount you get when online.


  • If you rewind time before a speed run has been completed, you will immediately enter a new speed run. When the original speed run finishes, you will still get rewards for whatever place you finished in at the end.


  • Rewound time challenges always start off 30 levels below the stage you rewound at, and each of the subsequent challenges go up by 20 levels each at the beginning stages.


  • Shimmering Sundews and Heavenly Hazes gained by level :


  • Level 1: Shimmering Sundew : 3 Heavenly Haze : 0


  • Level 151: Shimmering Sundew : 3 Heavenly Haze : 1


  • Level 451: Shimmering Sundew : 4 Heavenly Haze : 1


  • Level 951 : Shimmering Sundew : 5 Heavenly Haze : 2



Miscellaneous :

  • Use the arrow keys to rotate the camera in the best way.


  • You can change your main character’s gender once for free, it costs 50 diamonds to change it thereafter.


  • Get 100 friends as quickly as possible so you can start getting lots of flowers and start collecting other people’s tombstones. These give you four pieces of random equipment, not the equipment that your friend put in them.


  • You should only use ten shimmering sundews simultaneously instead of doing them one by one, as it guarantees a 4* mercenary.


  • You need to be at stage 500 or over to evolve a mercenary to Bloodmoon II.


  • You should never use auto fuse, it is inefficient and will fuse things that you would not.


  • Spend dragonscales immediately as they upgrades all artifacts, so there is no point in saving them.


  • Wait until all four mercenaries show up on the screen after you send them exploring, then click the ‘x‘ to close the window.


  • Don’t let your equipment reach the limit of 500 items, after the 5th rewind you’ll start accumulating items very quickly.


  • Leveling down your mercenaries returns 80% of the souls used, so use the tier list to be more efficient in where you spend souls. When you evolve a mercenary, the souls returned are at a 20% loss as well.


  • By clicking on the floor you have a chance to get 1 diamond, up to a maximum of 15 diamonds per day.


  • The Rogue Hero dungeon gives you shards based on which mercenaries you fight against.


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