Endless World - How to Beat Wall Guide - MGW

Endless World – How to Beat Wall Guide

Endless World - How to Beat Wall Guide

Level 240, Ice Giant: Is immune to everything, so have your lineup be less reliant on skills and abilities.


Level 270, Eva & Necropolli: Don’t use any mercenaries who dash around, and use W(Ground Smash) on Gaea’s Shield to drag Eva toward you when she starts to approach Necropolli.


Levels 333/336/339, Cyclops: Gaea’s Shield is the best artifact for these stages. The main way to win these is to distract the smaller cyclops using a tank with a taunt, and then to use AoE to kill the surrounding monsters quickly, Eva is one of the best mercenaries for the AoE component, however using any tank with a taunt will remove the threat of the other cyclops who are glass cannons. The most important time in most boss fights is the first few seconds, and on these bosses the first few seconds are even more important than normal. You have rapidly deal out as much damage as possible and get the cyclops down to only the boss, and from there it should be an easy win.


Level 420, Griffon: If you are unable to beat this stage, you should rewind time here if its the first time you have reached it.


Tower of Time #43: Switch between Gaea’s Shield and Devastating Hammer artifacts at some points, if you have the 4th artifact, for its awaken ability which heals your whole team. Use AoE.


Level 450, Lioleus, Red Dragon : If you are unable to beat this stage, you should rewind time here if its the first time you have reached it.


  • The best artifact to use on this boss is Gaea’s Shield.


  • Use the Q on Gaea’s Shield to stun the boss and disrupt his casts, while using the shield from W to mitigate some of the damage.


  • When Lioleus’ rage bar is full, and he is casting his ultimate skill, use the Q on Gaea’s Shield to disrupt this cast.


  • Eva is an excellent mercenary for this boss.


  • Get obelisks for buffs before trying this boss a second time.


Tower of Time #48 : Use Gaea’s Shield until all of your mercenaries are dead. At this point the boss, goblin pontifex, will swarm you with enemies, which will give you Awaken every few seconds, use awaken whenever it is available. When you are at max health, and your Q and W are available, switch to Sword of Annihilation, and use W(Leap Attack); this skill always targets the boss. After this use your Q(Whirlwind) which will take some of the damage the spawned units will do to you. Then switch back to Gaea’s Shield and get to full hp again, repeat this, switching between Gaea’s Shield and Sword of Annihilation until the boss is dead.


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