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EA Sports UFC 4 – Striking Attack and Defence Controls

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Striking Attack and Defence Controls

If you want to exchange strikes with your opponent, you’ll need to know how to throw the attacks as well as defend against the potential knockout blows.


Striking (Attack and Defence) PS4 Xbox One
Jab Square X
Cross Triangle Y
Left Hook L1 + Square LB + X
Right Hook L1 + Triangle LB + Y
Left Uppercut Square + X X + A
Right Uppercut Triangle + O Y + B
Left Leg kick X A
Right Leg kick Circle B
Body Modifier L2 LT
Overhands R1 + Square/Triangle RB + X/Y
Head Kicks L1 + X/O LB + A/B
High Block/Feint Strike R2 RT
Low Block/(timed) Leg Catch L2 + R2 LT + RT
Minor Lunge L (flick) L (flick)
Major Lunge L1 + L LT + L
Pivot Lunge L1 + R LT + R
Signature Evade L1 + L (flick) LT + L (flick)


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