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EA Sports UFC 4 – How to Escape Grapple

EA Sports UFC 4 - How to Escape Grapple

It can be a really dangerous position to find yourself on the ground and your opponent is throwing some deadly hits your way. Just stay calm and try to block the opponent’s attacks. If you are able to successfully block the opponent’s attack, this gives you room to try and gain the advantage. You can try and shift into a half guard position by using the left analog stick and moving it either left or right.


Additionally, you can try and use an arm trap by holding R2 and then quickly moving the right analog stick to the left or right. Be careful when trying this because it leaves you open to some devastating attacks if you’re not able to perform the move properly.


If your opponent has you in a clinch against the cage, you can try to deny the clinch by holding the right trigger and using the right analog stick. It is possible that your attempt at denying the clinch may fail. If it comes to this, then your best bet is try and use a ‘take down’ against the opponent using your grappling HUD.



Grappling Controls

EA Sports UFC 4 - How to Escape Grapple


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