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EA Sports UFC 4 – How to Perform Transitions

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To perform Transitions, use LS in the case of Grapple Assist and RS for Hybrid or Grapple HUD.


Keep striking your opponent repeatedly from the Ground and Pound position, preventing them from making any transitions.


This will boost up your Grapple Advantage and you’ll be able to transition quite briskly. Your opponent won’t be able to stop you!


To move around as fast as possible, you can use the Momentum Transitions which combine several transitions at once, putting them to their best use.


Such Transitions can be quite helpful in dead-end situations like when you’re in your opponent’s Rubber Guard.


For quick and effective transitions, along with high Grapple Advantage, make sure you have high Stamina while you’re on top of the opponent.


So, unless you want your lackluster transitions to be denied by your opponent, don’t forget to keep a track of that!


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