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EA Sports UFC 4 – How to Grapple

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How to Grapple

If you want to get into the ground game, you need to use Left Trigger + Right Stick left/right.The ground game allows you to get into a position which will allow you to perform a submission. Once you’ve got into a suitable position, just hold down Left Trigger to see what options are available to you when trying to perform the submission. You can now see in the HUD in what direction you need to move the right stick. Remember to keep holding the Left trigger and once you’ve also moved the right stick in the appropriate direction, your fighter will attempt to perform a submission.


You also have to try and block attacks when you’re on the ground. You have to time your escapes and you can then follow up with a successful block. You also need to be clever about the ground game and sometimes it would be more beneficial to try and get back up or to shift into a more favorable position. Additionally, you can also try to perform a sweep so as to gain the more dominant position in a fight.


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