Days Gone - Keyboard/Mouse Not Working – Issue Fix - MGW

Days Gone – Keyboard/Mouse Not Working – Issue Fix

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Run the Game as Admin

Make sure you run the game as an admin. Just right-click the game’s shortcut or setup file and pick “Run as Administrator.”



Unplug Extra Gear

Got any extra controllers, drawing tablets, or stuff like that plugged in? Unplug ’em. Keep just the keyboard and mouse. If you’ve got any virtual input software like x360CE or vJoy, turn those off too.



Turn Off Mouse Acceleration

Wanna turn off that “Enhance pointer precision” thing? Here’s how:



Windows 10:

  • Hit WinKey+R, type in control, and hit OK.


  • Head over to Mouse -> Pointer Options.


  • Uncheck the box next to “Enhance pointer precision” and click OK.



Windows 8.1, 7:

  • Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Mouse -> Pointer Options.


  • Uncheck “Enhance pointer precision” and hit OK.



Ditch the Touchscreen

If you’re on a tablet PC, hook up a keyboard and mouse and turn off the touchscreen for now.



Run the Game Clean

Make sure no other apps are messing with your game. Try running it in “clean boot mode.” You can find how-tos here:


And yeah, make sure you’re logged in as an admin.


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