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Controls for Tactic Boxing

Controls for Tactic Boxing

Tactic Boxing just landed on Steam… It’s this solid indie boxing game bringing a real unique touch with its ragdoll physics, local multiplayer, & career mode. The controls? Simple & intuitive – no major remapping needed, but if you wanna tweak ’em, it’s totally doable from the settings menu… We’ve gathered all the deets in one spot for easy reference, so bookmark it for later; handy for a quick refresher & all.



PC Keyboard Controls


  • Right Hand Attack: Right Mouse Button


  • Left Hand Attack: Left Mouse Button


  • Block Head: Left Shift


  • Block Body: Space Bar


  • Clinch: C


  • Push: 1




  • Move Forward: W


  • Move Backward: S


  • Move Right: D


  • Move Left: A


  • Pivot Right: E


  • Pivot Left: Q


  • Step Back: X




  • Pause: Escape


  • Taunt: T


  • Control Fixed Camera: Left Alt


  • Change Camera: F1




Controls for Tactic Boxing



Xbox Gamepad Controls

Controls for Tactic Boxing




  • Block Head: Gamepad Right Shoulder


  • Block Body: Gamepad Left Shoulder


  • Hook R / BodyPunch R / Pivot R: Gamepad Face Button Right


  • Hook L / BodyPunch L / Pivot L: Gamepad Face Button Left


  • Jab-Cross / Uppercut L / Step Back: Gamepad Face Button Bottom


  • Jab-Cross / Uppercut R / Clinch: Gamepad Face Button Top




  • Taunt: Gamepad D-pad Right


  • Push: Gamepad D-pad Left


  • Camera Up: Gamepad D-pad Up


  • Camera Down: Gamepad D-pad Down


  • Close Fight Mode: Gamepad Left Trigger


  • Footwork / Clinch Mode: Gamepad Right Trigger




Controls for Tactic Boxing


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