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Xbox One Controls for Truck and Logistics Simulator

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Xbox One Controls

What buttons do what on my Xbox One controller? What are the default key bindings?



Start: Menu

Select: Camera

LT: Acceleration

LB: Handbrake

L3: Additional mirrors

Left Stick Left/Right: Steering

Left Stick Up/Down: Boom/Forks up/down

RT: Braking/Reverse

RB + Left Stick: Telehandler boom extend/detract

RB + Right Stick: Zoom in/out

R3: Center Camera

Right Stick: Looking around

D-Pad Up: Light on/off

D-Pad Down: Hazard Light on/off

D-Pad Left: Blinker left

D-Pad Right: Blinker right

(A): Engine on/off

(B): Trailer attach/detach

(X): Horn

(Y): Wipers on/off


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